Schools in US and Canada


Over two thousand women and men serve as educators of the Sacred Heart in the 24 Schools of the Sacred Heart in Canada and the United States. Guided by the Goals and Criteria, they stand on the foundation of 200 years of Sacred Heart education with their eyes directed toward the horizon to serve the needs of the young people of today and into the future.  Through each school’s Formation to Mission program, educators come to understand the spiritual, communal and relational aspects of Sacred Heart education.  They also commit themselves to the essential qualities of inquiry, critical thinking, meaningful dialogue and process in Sacred Heart pedagogy.

Network Sponsored Programs

The Network of Sacred Heart coordinates programs that bring together educators on topics such as  Sacred Heart pedagogy, spirituality and practical issues connected to pressing social, environmental or religious concerns. For example, recent gatherings have brought together Network international exchange coordinators, marketing and communications staff, and faculty and adminstration on topics of gender and "How We are Catholic Today."

View our events calendar to view and register for upcoming Network sponsored programs

Summer Service Projects

Each summer, dozens of students from Sacred Heart schools participate in service programs coordinated by the Network. These programs, designed and led by faculty and administrators from across the Network, provide an opportunity for educators of the Sacred Heart to collaborate as well as model and live out "a social awareness which impels to action", Goal Three of the Goals and Criteria.

Network Endorsed Programs

When Sacred Heart educators engage in national and international professional development conferences, Network of Sacred Heart Schools assists in coordinating a gathering of participants from Sacred Heart schools to foster collaboration and community. For example, the Network has hosted gatherings at the NAIS annual conference, ISTE, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and the National Association of College Admission Counselors. View our events calendar to see where the Network is hosting events in the near future.
Sacred Heart educators are also actively engaged in both the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools and the International Coalition of Boys’ Schools.

Faculty Exchange

Educators of the Sacred Heart have the opportunity to participate in Faculty Exchange Programs with the Network of Sacred Heart Schools in Canada and the United States and internationally among the more than 300 schools in the larger Sacred Heart network.

Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ

"There are two ways of preparing children for the government of themselves in after-life, one direct and the other indirect. The first has its merits, it is quick in results, often very sucessful. It fosters piety, inculcates some clear principles, dictates the main lines of action, and by rule and maxim, fits the being into its place in the world, and gives it means to do its duty creditably. The indirect method is longer and less clearly defined. It aims at giving a guiding light within, and power to climb a difficult path, and pick a way through unknown country by that light. This must be waited for, and slowly developed, but in the end it is of greater worth. The training of Sacred Heart aims at this."
Schools of the Sacred Heart share in the educational mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart as articulated in the Goals and Criteria. The structure supporting Sacred Heart education in Canada and the United States includes the Conference of Sacred Heart Education and the Network of Sacred Heart Schools.  Together they provide services and programs to ensure vitality of mission for the member schools sponsored by the Society of the Sacred Heart.