Third and fourth grade students perform with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

Academy of the Sacred Heart, The Rosary - New Orleans, LA
Third and fourth grade students at the Academy of the Sacred Heart performed with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra during a concert held in the Nims Fine Arts Center on the school's campus on February 20 to promote music education and expose children to the wonders of the symphony orchestra. Under the gifted baton of conductor David Torns, the concert was part of the Bob and Jeri Nims Young People's Concerts in which the LPO partners with Carnegie Hall's Link Up program to offer students the opportunity to perform with the LPO.
Sacred Heart students from ages one through fourth grade, as well as students from Sophie B. Wright Charter School and Stuart Hall School for Boys, were swept away during an exhilarating, interactive concert. They learned the elements of music, such as rhythm, melody, harmony, and timbre, through the world-changing music of Bach, Beethoven, Stravinsky and Dvořák. Sacred Heart third and fourth grade students performed on their recorders for the music of Beethoven and Dvořák, and everyone joined in to sing a Quaker hymn and the closing Latin-infused song “Oye”.
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