Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton - CA
MLK presentation inspires reflection, illustrates connections
Using music, multimedia, spoken word, and above all, audience participation and the assistance of SHP's band and chorus, At the Table with Dr. King called the high school community to action in a dynamic experience celebrating the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Weaving together newsreel video footage, passages from King's speeches, composed song and musical interludes, the live performance piece afforded the Sacred Heart audience an accessibility to the civil rights struggles of the courageous Dr. King, but moreover, hit home his messages of the universal human struggle on a journey to reach the "Beloved Community," and the power and impact one person can have in the service of others.
"This was an incredible opportunity for our students, faculty, and staff," said Brian Bell, SHP vice principal for student life, "and really falls right in line with much of our Goals and Criteria. I think that the show's more contemporary slant, the things it makes students think about in a different way perhaps, helped them connect the aspirations and challenges of this 1960s activist and historical figure with those of St. Madeleine Sophie 200 years ago, and in their own lives today. Above all, the show is about taking action now, today; that one individual can effect important change. And that's a message that resonated with all of us, not just the students." 
With a stated goal "not just to educate others about Dr. King, but to challenge others to take up his legacy and become champions for the cause of helping others," the At the Table Group is composed of professional touring artists committed to honoring the MLK legacy through workshops, performance, and online resources. Their marquee production At the Table with Dr. King has been performed across the U.S., in India, and the United Arab Emirates, among others, joined by world-class and award-winning musicians on occasion.

View more photos and videos from today's event.
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