Georgetown Professor Visit AP Literature

Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart
Ms. Fitzpatrick's AP Literature students were recently honored to welcome a special guest, Georgetown University Department of English professor Michael Collins--grandfather to Sophia '17, Francesca '20 and Julianna '22. Professor Collins is an expert on Shakespeare; British theatre since 1950; Anglo-Welsh poetry, articles on Shakespeare (with a focus on performance and pedagogy), Anglo-Welsh poetry, and American literature. He earned his Ph.D. and M.A. from New York University and his B.A. from Fordham College.

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Professor Collins led students through an acting exercise on King Lear. With six students alternating roles as actors and the rest of the class "directing," Professor Collins showed the students that "there is no Lear until you make one," meaning that we must always read as actors and directors, working to understand characters' motivations and imagining and reimagining how they react and interact. The reason Shakespeare endures, he reminded the class, is that his stories revolve around quintessentially human relationships and connections.
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