The Coronavirus Time Capsule Video

Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart
The Coronavirus Time Capsule is a worldwide project - a response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The Time Capsule was created by Company Three - a theatre company of young people led by a team of professional theatre-makers, based London. Their mission is to give teenagers the space to tell their own stories and create their own change. 
Company Three supplied the blueprint for the Upper School’s recent production Brainstorm. In response to the pandemic, they have created The Coronavirus Time Capsule, an expression of what it is like to be a teenager during the pandemic. They have invited schools all over the world to join them in creating their own productions using the blueprint created by Company Three.

Each week, Company Three will send a prompt to the cast of Stone Ridge’s company of The Coronavirus Time Capsule. The SR Upper School company will create short film clips in response to the prompt, and each week the new content will be posted.

We begin with Week 1: The Beginning
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