Fourth Sunday of Advent

The Society of the Sacred Heart
The Light is increasing
The Light is increasing

In the beginning was the Word (the Christ). Then the Word (Christ) became manifest in the outer world. Let there be LIGHT!

Theologians call this creation. Scientists call this a Big Bang. Then the Word (the Christ) became personified as a human being.

According to many, the process is continuing. Some call this Christification. Others call this evolution. The Light is ever emerging. Therein lies our hope.

But we have a choice – like Mary. We can be open to allow the Christ to be birthed and grow within us and emerge from us. Or not.

And if we do allow our “yes” to God; if we do choose to still the whirling and spinning of our hearts and minds; if we do choose, allow and create the inner space; then the Light increases. Christ increases. Christ will shine forth from us.

As we allow the Light (the Christ) to shine forth from us, we will be ever more aware of the Christ around us. And we, too, shall leap with JOY!

Reflection: Maureen Glavin, RSCJ

Image: Jump for Joy – Mary and Elizabeth by Corby Eisbacher
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