VI International Heads Conference

Please read the attached letter because it explains our decision. We are excited to announce we plan to offer a virtual conference and not meet in Miami as planned.

Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ, Head Conference of Sacred Heart Education
Olen Kalkus, Head Master Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart
S’il vous plaît lire la lettre ci-jointe parce qu’il explique notre décision. Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que nous avons l’intention d’offrir une conférence virtuelle. Nous ne nous réunirons pas à Miami comme prévu.

Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ, Head Conference of Sacred Heart Education
Olen Kalkus, Head Master Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

Por favor, lea la carta adjunta porque explica nuestra decisión. Nos complace anunciar que planeamos ofrecer una conferencia virtual y no reunirnos en Miami según lo planeado.

Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ, Head Conference of Sacred Heart Education
Olen Kalkus, Head Master Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

“The pierced Heart of Jesus opens our being to the depths of God and to the anguish of humankind.”  (Constitutions #8)

March 26, 2020
Dear Colleagues,
The coronavirus has and will continue to challenge all of us. Given these uncertain times and the disturbance of social distancing, we know that we cannot launch a virtual conference on April 23, 2020. What we can do is to remain united in Christ’s heart through our prayer for each other and our world.
Our proposal is to create our Virtual Conference as one that takes place over time. At this point, we are considering, September 2020 – April 2021. We are currently developing the detailed plan of how we might engage with our keynote speakers and panelists while working together as Sacred Heart Educators across the globe.
We count on your understanding that this plan is taking some time to develop. We are confident that conducting our conference over an extended period will allow all of us to enter into a thoughtful, prayerful consideration on how we might address the needs of our common home.
Let us continue to pray for all those suffering from this global pandemic as we remain united in the Heart of Christ.
The Planning Committee
« Le Cœur transpercé de Jésus ouvre notre être aux profondeurs de Dieu et à l'angoisse de l'humanité. »
(Constitutions # 8)
Le 26 mars 2020
Chers Collègues,
Le coronavirus est et continuera à être un défi pour tout un chacun. Etant donné cette période incertaine et l’éloignement, nous savons que nous ne pouvons pas organiser de conférence virtuelle le 23 avril 2020. Ce que nous pouvons faire c’est rester unis dans le cœur du Christ par nos prières pour nous-même et le reste du monde.
Notre proposition est donc de créer une Conférence virtuelle qui durera dans le temps. Pour l’instant, nous pensons l’organiser du mois de Septembre 2020 au mois d’Avril 2021. Nous sommes en train de développer un plan détaillé sur la façon dont nous pourrions participer aux conférences tout en travaillant en tant qu’éducateur du Sacré Cœur à travers le monde.
Nous comptons sur votre compréhension sachant qu’un tel projet prend du temps. Nous sommes confiants qu’en choisissant d’allonger la période nous permettra à tous d’entreprendre une action plus réfléchie sur la façon dont nous pouvons répondre aux besoins de notre « maison commune ».

Continuons à prier pour tous ceux et celles qui souffrent de cette pandémie et restons à jamais unis dans le Cœur du Christ.
Le Comité d’Organisation
“El corazón conmovido de Jesús abre nuestro ser a lo más hondo de Dios y a la angustia de la humanidad".  (Constituciones # 8)
26 de marzo de 2020

Estimados colegas,

El coronavirus nos ha desafiado y seguirá desafiandonos a todos. Dado estos tiempos inciertos y la precaución sobre el distanciamiento social, somos concientes que no podemos lanzar la conferencia virtual el 23 de abril de 2020. Lo que podemos hacer es permanecer unidos en el corazón de Cristo a través de nuestra oración por los demás y por nuestro mundo.

Nuestra propuesta es organizar la Conferencia Virtual a través de un período de tiempo establecido. En este momento, estamos considerando entre los meses de septiembre 2020 y abril 2021. Actualmente, estamos desarrollando un plan detallado de cómo podríamos involucrarnos con nuestros oradores principales y panelistas, mientras continuamos trabajando juntos como Educadores del Sagrado Corazón, por todo el mundo.

Contamos con su comprensión sobre la demora que podría tener el desarrollo de este nuevo plan. Estamos seguros que llevando a cabo nuestra conferencia durante un período prolongado de tiempo, nos permitirá a todos lograr un carácter mas reflexivo y de oración, sobre cómo podríamos abordar las necesidades de nuestro hogar común.

Sigamos orando por todos los que sufren esta pandemia global, mientras permanecemos unidos en el Corazón de Cristo.


El Comité de Planificación

Caring for our Common Home

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  • April 22-27, 2020 I Miami, Florida

    We are pleased to invite the directors, heads and leaders of Sacred Heart Schools, Centers and Institutions of Education to participate in the 6th International Leaders Conference to be held virtually. 

    Inspired by Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’, in which the pope describes the earth as “our common home,” we hope our days together will spark an inclusive dialogue about how we as Sacred Heart Schools are shaping the future of our planet through education. The fragility of our common home becomes more and more evident as we witness natural disasters, hear of rising sea levels and learn of the forced migrations of people from their homes which are no longer habitable. Sensing the urgency of our environmental challenges, we have considered the work of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission (JPIC) of the Society of the Sacred Heart while planning the conference.


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  • Cost

    Cost: The cost of the virtual conference is $150.00 (US). This is a change from the original $850.00. Acceptable forms of payment include credit card, electronic funds transfer or wire transfer.

    Location: Virtual. More information to come. 

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  • Our Keynote Speakers Include

    Isabelle Lagneau, RSCJ, a member of the General Counsel, Society of the Sacred Heart. Isabelle will speak to the vision of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat as the foundation of the mission of Sacred Heart education. She is the former Coordinator of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools in France. 

    Martin G. Poulsom SDB, a Senior Lecturer in Theology at the University of Roehampton. He is a specialist in the theology of creation, and is the author of The Dialectics of Creation. He is a member of the Salesians of Don Dosco, a religious order dedicated to youth ministry. He is currently lecturing in systematic theology, science and religion, and theological anthropology. 

    Elizabeth Rush is a 2019 Pulitzer Finalist and author of Rising Dispatches from the New American Shore. Currently a visiting professor at Brown University, Elizabeth explores in her own work how humans adapt to changes enacted upon them by forces seemingly beyond their control, from ecological transformation to political revolution. 

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  • Panels

    We are planning two panel discussions. One will be an interdisciplinary panel on the impact of climate change. The second will include members of the Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation Commission of the Society.

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  • Additional Elements to the Conference

    We will spend some time working with the International Education Commission. We plan to invite all participants to share programs, processes and/or actions school communities are taking to address climate change. This information will be shared through the forum of a "marketplace". Participants will be asked ot bring materials for this sharing. Details on the marketplace as a form of sharing will go to participants after they have registered. 
Schools of the Sacred Heart share in the educational mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart as articulated in the Goals and Criteria. The structure supporting Sacred Heart education in Canada and the United States includes the Conference of Sacred Heart Education and the Network of Sacred Heart Schools.  Together they provide services and programs to ensure vitality of mission for the member schools sponsored by the Society of the Sacred Heart.