Director of Global and Social Awareness | Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart - Houston | TX

The Director of Global and Social Awareness oversees, develops, evaluates, and promotes global education and social awareness programs and initiatives and develops and executes an overall strategy which guides the school’s students, teachers, and families as they engage in travel and service.
Date Posted: 02/27/2019

Date Accepting Applications Through: 06/30/2019

Job Title: Director of Global and Social Awareness

Full or Part Time: Full Time

Primary Responsibilities: 
  • Develop and manage an intentional, PK-12 approach to global and social awareness engagement, including domestic and international travel Support students who are ready to be accelerated and explore the reading and math curriculum more deeply
  • Articulate a vision and plan curriculum for integrating an appreciation for multiple perspectives and global understanding 
  • Further refine and execute existing risk management policies Work with parents, students and outside professionals in order to better support individual students 
  • Provide coordinated oversight of domestic and international travel opportunities, including planning support to trip leaders
  • Manage all aspects of short-term exchanges and the semester school process
  • Effectively promote the hosting of domestic and international students to our school
  • Develop relationships that result in additional opportunities for students to engage globally
  • Serve as Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) for SEVIS certification
  • Develop and manage an intentional, PK-12 approach to service and service learning
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with a range of community members to identify opportunities for students to engage meaningfully at the local, national, and international level
  • Deepen key partnerships, ensuring that these relationships are sustainable and mutually beneficial
  • Guide and support students, teacher, and parents who are seeking volunteer or other external engagement opportunities
  • Plan, execute and provide student service initiation
  • Share Duchesne’s story of civic and global engagement internally and in the broader community

Full Position Description: Minimum Qualifications /Education/Prior Experience Required

In the performance of his/her duties, Employee shall be guided by the Goals and Criteria of the Sacred Heart and the Catholic Faith. Candidates must also possess:
  • A minimum of a Master’s Degree in education, or applicable field
  • Command of multiple world languages is preferable 
  • Have a strategic vision 
  • Demonstrated project management skills
  • Experience leading students on domestic and international experiential programs
  • Demonstrated ability to connect authentically and work effectively with all students
  • Experience designing curriculum, instruction, and assessment in order to reach a diverse community of learners
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strong desire to work collaboratively
  • Employing a growth mindset and participating in ongoing professional development
  • Commitment to developing one’s own cultural self-awareness, cultural competence, and emotional intelligence
  • Genuine affinity for working with children and families in an educational setting
  • Ability to make independent decisions along with maintaining the confidentiality of privileged and sensitive information
  • High level of competence using technology
  • Experience in a PreK – 12 environment, preferably in independent schools is a plus
  • Strong references to convey your abilities
  • Successful completion of criminal offender record information and sexual offender registry information checks
  • Current Safe Environment training
  • Current CPR certification
General Competencies
  • Excellent communication skills with attention to detail
  • Punctuality and dependability
  • Ability to maintain accurate records and to maintain confidentiality
  • Adherence to all personnel policies, procedures, and rules contained in the Duchesne Employee Handbook
  • Treat parents as partners in their child's education
  • Maintain productive relationships with other Duchesne faculty and staff
  • Possess strong people skills in order to be empathetic to children’s and parent’s needs

Tenets of Staff Excellence

Duchesne Academy employees embody and promote the Goals and Criteria of a Sacred Heart education. As a staff of excellence, they commit to a personal and active faith in God, a deep respect for intellectual values, a social awareness that impels to action, the building of community as a Christian value, and personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom. As community builders, employees of Duchesne value and respect their colleagues, and they promote School goals and policies with a generous and positive spirit.

A Sacred Heart employee…

Demonstrates an understanding of Catholic Identity, respects the tenets of Catholicism, and participates in the faith life of the School.

Models acceptance of and respect for other faith and cultural traditions.

Values and encourages interactive service as a life-long commitment.

Creates an inviting environment which honors rigor and relevance, and promotes critical thinking, collaboration, and the creative use of the imagination.

Embraces the importance of the integration of technology within the school; supports and promotes the ethical use of all forms of technology.

Researches, reflects on, and adopts best practices to promote excellence in the area of expertise.

Continually seeks professional growth through self-reflection, observations, collegial dialogue and professional development opportunities.

Fulfills routine professional responsibilities in a thoughtful and timely manner.

Works in partnership and open communication with parents and colleagues to ensure the well-being of the school.

Contributes to a community culture that fosters thoughtful decision-making, honorable behavior, accountability, and a sense of hope.


Nothing in this Job Description restricts Duchesne’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this position at any time. This position is at will, which means that either the employee or Duchesne may terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without notice and for any reason or no reason.


Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart is committed to providing equal opportunity in all of its employment practices, including selection, hiring, promotion, transfer, and compensation, to all qualified applicants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, sex (gender), age, national origin, physical or mental disability, genetic information, veteran status, or any other status protected by applicable law.

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Schools of the Sacred Heart share in the educational mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart as articulated in the Goals and Criteria. The structure supporting Sacred Heart education in Canada and the United States includes the Conference of Sacred Heart Education and the Network of Sacred Heart Schools.  Together they provide services and programs to ensure vitality of mission for the member schools sponsored by the Society of the Sacred Heart.