Founding Mothers
Mary Aloysia Hardey

Quotes by Mary Aloysia Hardey

Our loving-kindness with ourselves is the source of our loving-kindness to others. When we develop this consciousness within our self and toward our self, then we can offer genuine, Christ-like love, tolerance and compassion to others.  This is the true work (and reward) of our life.
Under no circumstances should three words be spoken, when two will suffice.
Our pride, selfishness, tepidity, jealousy, low aims and natural motives cry out, "there is no room!" No room for the meek and humble Babe of Bethlehem! Yet the soul of a Religious of the Sacred Heart should be the glorious city, the sure refuge, the peaceful dwelling of her Divine Spouse. And such would be the case, if we had the true spirit of our sublime vocation.
Let us not seek perfection for its own sake, nor correct our faults simply to rid ourselves of them; but let us desire to please the Divine, who says to us: "Be ye perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect."
Obey without fear of blame or contradictions, once the will of God is made known to you.
Work is a safe guard against idle conversations. Have always on hand some useful occupation and give your whole attention to it.

Humility is a sure proof that God is taking special care of your soul.
The pupils expect us to speak of our Lord. We need not say much, but a few words coming from the heart with produce a lasting impression upon them.

Never repeat to another what has been said against them. God hates mischief-makers.

To know how to render service gracefully is an enviable gift.
 Silence of action calms the soul and recalls the presence of God.
Happiness is found in doing God's will.
We are naturally faint-hearted, and we shun difficulties. Let us bear in mind that prayer is all-powerful, and that the Heart of Jesus is the supplement to our weakness.
If you aim to please God in all you do, the humiliation of failure will not disturb your soul.
The duty of the moment is never forgotten by the soul that lives in the presence of God.
Purity of intention is our safeguard. In success, it keeps us from presumption, and in failure, it prevents discouragement.

...with humility one can do all things for the Glory of God, while without it, they can do nothing. We may then be confident that we should practice this virtue, and I am certain, that if Mother Barat were able to speak in her last moments, her recommendation to the entire Society, would have been an exhortation to humility.

Do not go to prayer simply for your own satisfaction. Seek there the glory of God and the welfare of souls.
Do not lose time "in little nothings," or worse still in daydreams, for they are the greatest obstacles to the interior life.

Make your preparation for Christmas an active prayer, a prayer of fidelity, of silence, of mortification.
Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is essentially adapted to the wants of our age; it supplies every need and satisfies the highest aspirations of the soul.
Never make cutting remarks to the children. Sarcasm is a cowardly weapon to use with a child who cannot retaliate.
Never speak in a self-sufficient tone. All our words must breathe modesty and edifications.

Teaching is a duty which gives glory to God and gains souls to His love: but you must look for your reward only in Heaven, where, as Holy Scripture assures us, "they who teach others unto justice will shine as stars for all eternity.
Learn to speak of God simply and naturally, and your conversations will not be wearisome to others.
When the will disapproves, difficulties begin; when the will submits, difficulties end.
The contemplation of the Heart of Jesus should be the habitual occupation of our spiritual exercises.
In every action ask yourself: "Is this for the glory of the Heart of Jesus? Was it thus He thought? He judged? He spoke?

There is no merit in simply bearing humiliation; we must accept it as a gift from God.
You must teach virtue rather by example than by precept, for children are impressed more readily by what they see than by what they hear.

There are some persons who appear to be silent, but their secret communings with self-love lead them to converse frequently with the enemy of all good.

The study of the Heart of Jesus in making us familiar with His ways; enables us to see at once His blessed will in every event of life.
Be an angel of peace wherever you are.
Love the children; do what you can for them and God will do the rest.

We need have but one fear, that of not corresponding with the love of the Sacred Heart.

By becoming easily agitated you evince weakness of character, and quickly lost the interior spirit you may have gained.

We should learn to speak to God before we attempt to speak of God.
Be above human respect, and silence uncharitable remarks. Were there no listeners, there would be no detractors.

Teach the children to love the truth, and readily pardon a child who acknowledges her (his) fault.
A teacher should rarely threaten to punish. Her (His) government should be one of love, not of fear. 

We carry the yoke of the Lord joyfully, when we esteem it an honor, not a burden.

Whether we pray, work or suffer, let all be done "for the greater glory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus."

The soul is at home with God. It manifests itself exteriorly by humble, loving worship, and the faithful discharge of every spiritual and social duty.
Let us be persuaded that if we are not humble, we shall spoil everything we undertake.
By your profession you are consecrated to the education of youth - education, not instruction. The latter is the means, the former is the end.
 It is only when silence reigns in the soul that the voice of God can be heard.
Never let the pupils see that an order given by authority is displeasing to you.

Pay special attention to children who are timid, unattractive and self-concentrated. They are too often neglected, and thereby deprived of the training which they should have received at the Sacred Heart.

Natural activity alone does not advance your work.

Never forget that the children are a sacred trust which you must guard "with a truly maternal love drawn from the Heart of Jesus." Be patient with your pupils; our Lord is so patient with you.

We are apt to make mistakes when not guided by the spirit of God.

Study the sciences you are called upon to teach; but, above all, study your pupils in order to mold their characters, to make them love duty, and to lead them to God.

If our hearts are not filled with love of God, they will be filled with love of self and the things of earth.

Do not try to excite sympathy for every little suffering, lest you lose the merit of it. This is petty, Jesus sends each pain. Why, then, seek comfort save in His Divine Heart?

Oh, with what respectful love we should manifest our faith in the Real Presence! Jesus takes delight in dwelling among us. Should we not find happiness in His company?
To know how to speak, we must first learn to be silent.

Let the Mistress of Class seek first to strengthen her pupils in solid piety, for science, human science, is only a secondary aim.
What would it be like if Our Lord were as exacting with you as you are with the children?
Fervor, like sanctity, is not measured by time. Though you must give to prayer the time prescribed by rule it is not the minutes that God counts, but the amount of love that you put into your prayers.

In Bethlehem, all was provided for the accommodation of the rich and the great, but no one thought of Joseph, of Mary, of the Incarnate Word. There was no room for them. No room in His own city for the expected Messiah. Our hearts are moved with sorrow and indignation as we read these words; yet how often may they be applied to us. Jesus presents Himself at the door of our hearts, and our actions give answer, "there is no room."
Schools of the Sacred Heart share in the educational mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart as articulated in the Goals and Criteria. The structure supporting Sacred Heart education in Canada and the United States includes the Conference of Sacred Heart Education and the Network of Sacred Heart Schools.  Together they provide services and programs to ensure vitality of mission for the member schools sponsored by the Society of the Sacred Heart.