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The Director of Finance and Operations (DFO) advises the Head of School in matters concerning the current and future financial position of the school, legal and human resource issues, current and future facilities, equipment, and technology needs and all other business matters of the Schools of the Sacred Heart. The DFO is directly responsible for the financial records of the school and supervises the facilities, human resources, technology, and all non-academic functions of the school.
Date Posted: 4/26/2022

Job Title: Director of Finance and Operations

Full or Part Time: Full Time

1. Financial Reporting

Review and develop financial statements for the Board of Trustees and ascertain those policies of the Board are followed.
Review and ascertain those monthly financial statements are reasonable and that transactions are accurately reported.
Provide a monthly operating statement for the Head of School.
Provide a monthly report of expenditures for use of each individual budget center within the school.
Provide for the securing of an annual audit of the school’s financial records and financial position. Prepare year-end reports, schedule, and work papers for the audit report.
Supervise the work of the business office staff and use standard accounting and bookkeeping procedures, to keep an accurate continuous record of the cash and financial position of the school and manage the financial operation of the school so that the institution remains financially stable.

2. Budgeting

Develop the annual operating budget.
Develop tuition fee schedule recommendations.
Review operating statements and advise the Head of School and Board of Trustees of significant variances.

3. Human Resources and Compensation

Assist Head of School with decisions regarding salaries and benefits for all personnel, including the evaluation of support staff.
Ensure that all tax forms are completed and filed in a timely manner.
Supervise bidding of all insurance benefits
Maintain personnel records and payroll software.
Administer employee benefits programs, including retirement accounts, health, short-term and long-term disability benefits.

4. Insurance

Coordinate the placement, type, and amount of coverage of property and liability insurance in coordination with the Board of Trustees and process claims thereon.
Process all workers compensation claims.

5 Facilities Management and Construction Management

Supervise the Director of Facilities
Along with the Director of Facilities, develop facility forecast needs.
Along with the Director of Facilities, manage construction projects and contracts.
Approve bids and contracts for facilities and equipment in accordance with purchasing policies
Review and approve all work orders.
Follow-up on all outstanding facility repairs and renovation projects.
Responsible for any Main Building Renovations, along with the committee that includes the Project Manager, committee volunteers and Head of School.
Review all contracts
Develop reporting structure – internally and externally.
Coordinate information between faculty and teaching needs with any design services.
Oversee security needs for the campus

6 Accounts Payable

Review and approve check requests and payments in accordance with financial policies procedures.

7. Tuition Billing and Collection of Cash Flow

Monitor all accounts receivables
Enforce the collection policies of the school, managing all outstanding receivables.
Prepare cash flow statement

8. Financial Aid

Develop timeline and coordinate with Admissions to ensure timely processing of request.
Review request and make recommendations to the committee in accordance with school practices.
Meet with families as requested to review their request and the school’s final determination of award.

9. Auxiliary Programs

Supervise Little Oaks Daycare program
Supervise operations of Blue Ribbon Camp summer program
Supervise transportation program including analysis of fleet requirements, personnel, etc.
Supervise dining hall lunch program.

10. Oversee all school purchasing, financial investments, bank activities, payroll and benefits programs

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Schools of the Sacred Heart share in the educational mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart as articulated in the Goals and Criteria. The structure supporting Sacred Heart education in Canada and the United States includes the Conference of Sacred Heart Education and the Network of Sacred Heart Schools.  Together they provide services and programs to ensure vitality of mission for the member schools sponsored by the Society of the Sacred Heart.