Sacred Heart Schools | Atherton, CA | Middle School Learning Specialist (Long Term Substitute Aug-Dec)

The Middle School Learning Specialist supports both individual students and the school community in addressing learning differences.
Date Posted: 05/03/2022

Date Accepting Applications Through: 08/31/2022

Job Title: Middle School Learning Specialist (Long term substitute Aug-Dec)

Full or Part Time: Full Time

Specific Expectations for P-8 Employees: In addition to regular teaching responsibilities (including but not limited to preparing curriculum and grade reporting, class prep, student reporting report card narratives, parent-teacher conferences, supervision duties, classroom substitution, advisory, elective teaching, office hours, outdoor education/field trips, etc.), the following duties and responsibilities are required as part of the P-8 faculty/staff workload:

Responsibilities beyond the boundaries of teaching assignments that foster a growth mindset in order to continually improve our P-8 program such as professional development and trainings, attendance of or participation in, mandatory meetings and/or events (Directors Days, Open Houses, accreditation meetings, etc.) are required as directed by your supervisor. All employees will be paid appropriately and according to current law.

Essential Functions

Teaches grade-leveled Academic Skills Course (ASC).
Observes and monitors students for academic difficulties and skill development.
Works 1:1 and in small groups to address learning challenges.
Develops individual learning plans and monitors their implementation.
Provides leadership and collaborates with faculty in teaching students with diverse learning profiles.
Collaborates with parents and teachers to assist students with individualized educational goals.
Facilitates learning services and follow-up support as needed.
Plans and co-teaches skills-based content lessons across subjects and grade levels.
Collaborates with the admissions department to interview prospective families and review files of students with diagnosed learning differences.
Attends professional meetings, educational conferences, and teacher training workshops to maintain and improve teaching and learning.
Serves as a middle school advisor.
Performs other duties (recess, dismissal, etc.) as directed.


Masters degree or post-graduate work in education with emphasis in varied exceptionalities or learning disabilities.
A minimum of three years teaching in a special education environment.
Strong organizational skills and ability to mentor and coach executive functioning skills.
Demonstrated leadership and facilitative skills.
Enjoys working with children and outstanding interpersonal skills.
Ability to work well with students and colleagues; willingness to be an active, enthusiastic member of the SHS community.
A clear commitment to the educational philosophy of the school as articulated in the Goals and Criteria.
Commitment to equity and inclusion.

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