#3DNYC - Diversity, Differences, and Dialogue - Using dialogue training, direct service, and reflection to help students dive deeper into the 8 social identifiers of diversity. The purpose of this project is to educate students on identity, differences, and the importance of dialogue. Specifically, the program aims to: educate students on the 8 social identifiers of diversity (age, race, ethnicity, ability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status), as well as teach them that diversity and identity are relevant to all introduce the foundations of dialogue and encourage students to use these skills through reflection and direct service provide students with a foundation to design a platform for all network students to dialogue about differences. 
Students spent the first full day learning about the 8 social identifiers, how the identifiers pertain to them, and the foundations for dialogue. Each day after this, students focued on 1-2 identifiers per day. A typical day began with prayer, a presentation by a guest speaker(s), dialogue activities, and a service activity that reflected the identifier(s) of the day. Because time did not allow us to cover each identifier in depth, we focused on ability, religion, race, ethnicity, and gender. On the last day, students were encouraged to work together to design an online platform (i.e. - blog, google site, tumblr, etc.) that can be used as a resource by all network schools (click here). 

On Friday, June 21st, the #3DNYC group had the opportunity to video conference with Sr. Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ, the Head of the Conference of Sacred Heart Education. Sr. Cooke spoke to the group about the importance of dialogue, the essential nature of dialogue to our Sacred Heart mission, and the next steps in this process. During the conversation, Sr. Cooke empowered the students to seek guidance from the network to ensure that each school implement dialogue in a more ongoing way. Throughout the whole conversation, Sr. Cooke continually reminded the students that listening begins in silence.

In the afternoon, the #3DNYC group collaborated to build an online platform to facilitate dialogue training in their schools. With Sr. Cooke's insights in mind, they worked in smaller groups to add explanations of diversity and dialogue, additional resources, helpful strategies for those interested in getting involved, and other interactive features.
Schools of the Sacred Heart share in the educational mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart as articulated in the Goals and Criteria. The structure supporting Sacred Heart education in Canada and the United States includes the Conference of Sacred Heart Education and the Network of Sacred Heart Schools.  Together they provide services and programs to ensure vitality of mission for the member schools sponsored by the Society of the Sacred Heart.