Social Skills

Sacred Heart Academy, Bryn Mawr, PA
Learning social skills during adolescence through facilitated content is a valuable way to spend community time. Middle School students are actively enjoying the Be Happy, Be Healthy program.
On January 8th, Middle school students in 5th through 7th grade spent Community Time with Ciarán Porter, Youth Director from the Irish Diaspora Center's program Be Happy, Be Healthy. Through this community program, middle school students are learning the importance of physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Today's activities included discussions on social health, a personal assessment on interacting skills and a group game to practice positive communication. Asking and answering questions in a group setting takes practice. Learning to get one's opinion across takes practice. Looking directly at people when talking to them also takes practice.

Middle School is a time of personal growth, individual discovery and finding one's place within peer groups. Learning to respect other people's space, ask and answer questions, show interest in what other people have to say, etc. are all valuable life skills. Through the group question exercise, many students realized it takes discipline to follow instructions from someone, be able to answer a specific question, and to directly look at people when you are talking to them.

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