A Thanksgiving Blessing

Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ
Welcome back to Musings, a blog intended to explore insights into how to respond to the challenges to which members of the Sacred Heart Family are called.
Please forgive my long hiatus. In choosing Thanksgiving as the moment to renew the blog, I feel drawn to inviting all to experience gratitude.  
I am sure many readers know this short, lovely video, A Good Day recorded by Br. David.  The experience of viewing this timeless message reminds us that gratitude is a choice.  Our readiness to express thanksgiving reflects our own nobleness of spirit.  This video which has been watched well over 1 million times will take approximately five and half minutes of your time. I assure you that the impact on you will be the experience of joy that springs from deep within. With that grateful heart, Joyce Rupp’s prayer might frame your celebration of Thanksgiving with new renewed energy.
A Thanksgiving Blessing 
By Joyce Rupp 

May an abundance of gratitude burst forth 
as you reflect upon what you have received. 
May thanksgiving overflow in your heart, 
and often be proclaimed in your prayer. 
May you gather around the table of your heart 
the ardent faithfulness, kindness, and goodness 
of each person who is true to you. 
May the harvest of your good actions 
bring forth plentiful fruit each day. 
May you discover a cache of hidden wisdom 
among the people and events 
that have brought you distress and sorrow. 
May your basket of blessings surprise you 
with its rich diversity of gifts 
and its opportunities for growth. 
May all that nourishes and resources your life 
bring you daily satisfaction and renewed hope. 
May you slow your hurried pace of life 
so you can be aware of, and enjoy, 
what you too easily take for granted. 
May you always be open, willing, 
and ready to share your blessings with others. 
May you never forget the Generous One 
who loves you lavishly and unconditionally. 
— from Out of the Ordinary
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